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About Pacira

The Pacira Approach

Controlling postsurgical pain is the key to improving patient outcomes, yet up to 80% of patients report pain that is moderate to extreme in intensity after surgery.1

Our in-depth knowledge of the needs of the postsurgical pain market, coupled with our passion for delivering improved patient care, drives our commitment to providing solutions that address unmet medical needs and improve clinical results.

A wealth of experience manufacturing DepoFoam®-based products with extensive safety records and a history of regulatory approvals has given us the insight into how to reach those goals by applying our core technologies in new ways, creating new solutions to existing problems for

Our management team has unparalleled experience in the hospital marketplace and a track record of successfully launching many acute care products. This experience helps us to ensure that Pacira products, pipeline programs, and partnerships in the marketplace are consistently of the highest quality. As a public company (NASDAQ: PCRX), we hold our shareholders in the same high regard as we do the physicians and patients we serve.

1. Warfield, et al. Anesthesiol. 1995;83:1090-1094.