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About DepoFoam®

Our proprietary, extended-release drug delivery technology DepoFoam® is a multivesicular liposomal platform that encapsulates drugs without altering their molecular structure and then releases them over a desired period of time from 1 to 30 days.

DepoFoam has been used in two FDA-approved commercial products, including
DepoCyt(e)® (cytarabine liposome injection), as well as the company's newest FDA-approved product, EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension).

The DepoFoam technology provides several advantages over competitive technologies, including:

Technical Attributes Regulatory Attributes Commercial Attributes
A ready-to-use product; can be used with patient friendly narrow gauge needles and pen systems
Multiple regulatory precedents:
Regulatory authorities are familiar with our DepoFoam technology; two products, including DepoCyt(e) have been approved in the United States and Europe
Commercial marketing experience:
DepoFoam-based products have been sold for more than a decade, providing for an established safety and efficacy database
Administration into privileged sites:
DepoFoam products are approved for epidural and intrathecal administration
Shortened development timeline:
DepoFoam does not alter the native molecule, enabling the filing of a 505(b)(2) application
Proven manufacturing capabilities:
DepoFoam-based products continue to be made in our cGMP facilities
    Aseptic manufacturing and filling:
Enables use with proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, vaccines and small molecules