Ahead of the Curve: A Podcast Series

Episode 5: Universally Speaking

Ahead of the Curve with Jeff Gonzales, MD

Ahead of the Curve, Episode 5: Universally Speaking

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This podcast series is being produced for physicians and health care providers to provide a form of discussion, evaluation, and reflection of the times during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will hopefully allow everyone a chance to reflect and gear our mindsets to looking towards the new "normal", whenever that comes.


Jeff Gonzales, MD

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Jeffrey Gonzales, MM, MA

Dr. Gonzales serves as the Chair of Acute Pain, Spine & Orthopedic Anesthesia at Guardian Anesthesia, in Parker, CO, where he also serves on the Surgical Spine Task Force. Dr. Gonzales also serves as President of Enhanced Recovery Anesthetic Consultants.

  • Episode 1: The World As We Know It

    Overview of COVID-19

    Guest Speaker: Siddharth Desai, President & VP of Research & Development at HealthCare Evolution, LLC

  • Episode 2: Comfortably Numb

    The role of regional anesthesia during COVID-19

    Guest Speaker: Dr Admir Hadzic, Creator/Manager at NYSORA

  • Episode 3: Sweet Child O' Mine

    Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Guest Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Cherot, Chief Medical Officer at Axia Woman's Health

  • Episode 4: Soon You'll Get Better

    The effect of COVID-19 on hospitals and ASCs

    Guest Speaker: Dr Gerald Maccioli, Chief Quality Officer at Envision Healthcare

  • Episode 5: Universally Speaking

    The role of the ASC during COVID-19

    Guest Speaker: Dr Leopoldo Rodriguez, President Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia, President-Elect, Florida Society of Anesthesiologist

  • Episode 6: Dream On

    Orthopedic Surgery

    Guest Speaker: Dr Valentine Gibson, Chief of Anesthesia at Medical City Arlington

  • Episode 7: Times Like These

    Anticipating the surge of elective surgical cases

    Guest Speaker: Jeff Peters, Chief Executive Officer at Surgical Directions, a MEDNAX Company

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    • Reimbursement
  • Episode 8: These are Days

    Evolution of orthopaedic surgery in the time of COVID-19

    Guest Speaker: Dr Kevin Plancher, Founder of Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

  • Episode 9: The Beat Goes On

    Cardiac surgery and the role of ERAS

    Guest Speaker: Dr Daniel Engelman, President at ERAS Cardiac

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    • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

New York School of Regional Anesthesia=NYSORA; ASC=ambulatory surgery center; ERAS=enhanced recovery after surgery.