DepoFoam encapsulates drugs, preserving their molecular structure, and releases them over a desired period of time

The DepoFoam® carrier matrix consists of microscopic, spherical, lipid-based particles composed of a honeycomb of numerous, non-concentric, internal aqueous chambers containing the encapsulated drug. Each chamber is separated from adjacent chambers by lipid membranes. Following injection, the DepoFoam particles release the drug over an extended period of time due to erosion and/or reorganization of the lipid membranes.

  • DepoFoam offers flexible delivery and can be designed to offer an immediate-release dose followed by sustained delivery
  • The ready-to-use aqueous solution works with narrow gauge needles and pen systems
  • DepoFoam membrane components are natural, well-tolerated, and cleared by normal metabolic pathways
  • DepoFoam permits systemic delivery of medications by releasing the drug into the bloodstream via the interstitial space
    • Locally, DepoFoam can release the drug into a body compartment, such as a wound

of naturally occurring, biodegradable and biocompatible lipids2-4

bupivacaine in a multivesicular liposomal drug delivery technology

bupivacaine over time as lipid membranes reorganize1

membrane components that are cleared by normal metabolic pathways2,3

Our DepoFoam extended-release drug delivery technology can be applied to both small and large molecules, potentially improving patient care by providing a unique solution for medications that:

  • Need to be administered by continuous infusion or frequent multiple injections
  • Have a short duration of action or problematic side effects associated with peak concentrations

We have demonstrated that small and large molecule compounds can successfully be encapsulated into DepoFoam, including:

  • Traditional injectable pharmaceuticals
  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Antisense oligonucleotides
  • DNA

Using the DepoFoam technology to reduce dosing frequency without altering the molecular structure is the focus of our in-place partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; we currently manufacture DepoFoam-based products for our commercial partners.

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There are new DepoFoam product candidates under development:

  • DepoTranexamic Acid (DepoTXA), an antifibrinolytic to reduce postsurgical bleeding
  • DepoMeloxicam (DepoMLX), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product for postsurgical analgesia