At Pacira, we understand that business partnerships can help us achieve mutual goals of developing and delivering innovative new therapies to improve patient care. As a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company, we bring world-class expertise and resources to our collaborations, including proven capabilities spanning scientific, medical, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial operations.

DepoFoam Partnerships

The potential benefits of DepoFoam® have attracted partners pursuing reformulations of product candidates with significant market potential. We are developing new formulations of traditional small molecule and biologic therapies to build a pipeline of commercial opportunities for proprietary pursuit, as well as for out-licensing. For partners, this approach may provide a low risk clinical and regulatory development opportunity.

We have created formulations for six of the current top selling biologics including EPO, G-CSF, hGH, IFN-α, FSH, and several undisclosed molecules.

We have developed feasibility data on a number of products, including a project to reengineer the delivery of methotrexate, a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug, to extend its delivery over several days while minimizing side effects. Partnering opportunities exist for EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension).

Pacira leases and operates cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities in San Diego that are fully compliant with all major regulatory authorities. Pacira has the capability to manufacture DepoFoam-based medications for its acute care customers, partners, and its pipeline products.

To inquire how our DepoFoam technology may enhance your product needs or products that are available for out-licensing, please contact our Business Development team at

EXPAREL Partnerships

Pacira owns all product rights to EXPAREL for use in all markets. As such, we believe the global opportunity for EXPAREL use in the management of postsurgical pain presents a large addressable market opportunity. Based upon this opportunity, we are pursuing commercial partnerships in regions outside of the United States.

The management of postsurgical pain in animal health settings also represents a potentially large market for EXPAREL; we may also consider potential partnerships for developing and commercializing these applications in the future.

Business Partnerships

As Pacira continues to expand its pipeline and capabilities to serve more patients worldwide, our business development team evaluates partnering and investment opportunities with the potential to advance the development and delivery of breakthrough medical innovations.

We invite companies and researchers who share our purpose and sense of urgency to contact Pacira to discuss partnership opportunities.

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The Pacira Global Procurement and Strategic Sourcing teams support business colleagues in facilitating a rigorous process of selecting vendors in a variety of spend areas including: Research and Development, Clinical Operations, Professional Services, IT, Travel Services, Contingent Workforce, Direct Materials-Manufacturing, Supply Chain-Distribution, and Real Estate and Facilities Management. Pacira and its subsidiaries are committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal, and socially responsible manner.