Sports Medicine


Pacira is committed to educating and advocating for athletic participants and associations of all levels to choose non-opioid pain management solutions.

  • Collegiate
    & Youth Sports

  • Professional Sports Teams

  • Player Associations

  • Former/Retired Athletes

Pacira professionals can help these groups connect with providers of opioid-reduction or elimination strategies.

With athletics at any level—be it weekend warriors or youth, collegiate, or professional competitors—comes an increased risk for pain or injury.

The Pacira portfolio offers patients and the clinicians who treat them multiple safe and effective non-opioid options to help manage pain in advance of or after surgery, as well as to mitigate chronic pain. We are deeply committed to driving education and awareness among athletes and their health care providers about the range of Pacira options available to decrease, or in some cases eliminate, the need for opioid-based pain control.