The era of opioids as the gold standard for pain management is over

Pacira is setting new expectations for clinicians and patients alike: Low- and no-opioid pain management through innovative alternatives that offer better outcomes

Overreliance on opioids in the postsurgical setting can have unintended downstream consequences for patients, communities, and our nation’s overall societal epidemic. We are helping to improve postsurgical pain management with products that are approved to provide postsurgical local analgesia in patients aged six and over.

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Following surgery, patients receive ~85 opioid pills, whether they need them or not.1

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3 million patients went on to persistent opioid use after surgery in 2016 alone, meaning they continued to take opioids for 3 to 6 months after their procedure. Two million of these patients were women.1

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In 2016 alone, surgery-related overprescribing resulted in 3.3 billion unused pills available for potential diversion.1

patient education is central to our mission

Tackling our nation’s complex opioid epidemic will require a multifactorial strategy built on the innovative approach of forward-thinking companies like Pacira that challenge and transform the way we think about—and treat—pain in the United States.

Educating doctors and patients about the importance of non-opioid pain management is central to the Pacira mission to improve patient care.

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In 2016, we were proud to launch Choices Matter, our national education campaign aimed at empowering patients to proactively discuss postsurgical pain management, including non-opioid options, with their doctors. We’re building a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations to generate widespread public awareness of the role that postsurgical opioids play in the larger public health crisis in the United States, while highlighting the opportunity to alleviate the risks associated with opioid dependence and/or addiction through the utilization of non-opioid pain management approaches.

Our mission to provide non-opioid options for managing pain spans across the globe

Pacira has donated over 3,800 vials of EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) to locations across the world that otherwise have no alternatives other than opioids. These donations have assisted patients undergoing a range of surgical procedures including hip and knee replacement, wisdom tooth extraction, and hernia repair.