Educational Grants

Introduction to Pacira

Pacira BioSciences, Inc. is committed to improving patient care through support of independent educational activities for health care providers (HCPs), allied health care providers, and patients. Pacira prioritizes support for activities within areas of interest that contribute to improved knowledge, practice, and performance for HCPs and improved patient care.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Regional anesthesia
  • Educating health care providers on opioid-minimization strategies
  • Increasing patient awareness of non-opioid options for postsurgical pain management

All applications are reviewed by Pacira for scientific merit, innovation, clinical impact, and compliance with policies and requirements. If you are interested in applying for support of an educational grant, please review the submission process and apply online by clicking here. Pacira will review and consider all relevant educational grant proposals but is not obligated to provide support for any proposals received. Please note that grant funding is not contingent upon the use, purchase, or recommendations of Pacira products.

Pacira does not exercise any direct or indirect influence over the activity’s content and educational grants will only be granted for legitimate educational or scientific purposes. Grant requests are also reviewed for compliance with Pacira policies and relevant legal and industry guidance including the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the AdvaMed Code, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

The grant process

Requests for grants are reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be submitted at any time and for any start date. It is recommend that the grant application is submitted 60 days or more prior to the commencement of the educational activity under consideration. We cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time to adequately evaluate the grant application if it is submitted less than 60 days before the planned activity.

The information submitted must include a reasonably detailed description of the activity for which funding is requested, including the educational need, general subject matter, activity objectives, activity start/end time, location, and anticipated audience.

The following is a sample, not an exhaustive list, of information that must be submitted in order for the grant request to be considered complete:

  • Accreditation type and total number of credit hours offered, as applicable
  • Activity description
  • Activity start date
  • Activity end date
  • Activity location
  • Activity objectives
  • Activity partners, as applicable
  • Activity title
  • Budget, with breakdown of expenses to be covered
  • Disease and/or therapeutic area
  • Documentation of IRS 501(c)(3) status, if applicable
  • Expected number of attendees
  • If grant is to support a fellow or resident
  • Live activity: audience type
  • Total amount requested for the full activity
  • Total number of speakers
  • Letter of request on the requesting institution’s letterhead
  • W9 form (signed and dated within the last 12 months)

Applicants who have received prior grant funding, but have not completed a final budget reconciliation for a past activity (if activity end date has passed, and was at least 75 days ago) are not eligible for future funding.

Commercial staff and field staff are not involved in decisions to fund educational activities. Responsibility for and control over the faculty, content, and venue for an educational event belongs solely to the event organizer(s).

Types of grants supported

Pacira supports the following grant types:

CME/CE certified programs Educational activities for health care providers (eg, physicians, nurses, pharmacists) that provide continuing education credit.
Non-CME/CE certified programs Educational activities for health care providers (eg, physicians, nurses, pharmacists) that do not provide continuing education credit.
Patient/caregiver education Educational activities or printed material produced for patients and/or caregivers.
Fellowship support* Support of Fellow research in an area of interest.

*Fellowship awards may be considered in limited circumstances.

Note: priority will be given to CME-certified programs.

Pacira will not provide funding for:

  • Costs of travel for non-faculty/speakers
  • Entertainment expenses
  • General operating expenses
  • Lodging for non-faculty/speakers
  • Overhead expenses
  • Personal expenses of non-faculty/speakers attending
  • Requests for payments to individuals

Use of grant funds

Acceptable use:

Grant funds should only be used to support those costs associated with the development, delivery or evaluation of the educational activity, resources, or materials.

Unacceptable use:

  • Grant funds may not be used to defray operating costs (ie, costs for activities that are customarily performed outside of the educational activity)
  • Grants may not be used to fund company promotional activities or events, consulting services, exhibit space, or activities where the speaker is a company employee
  • Grant funds may not be used to cover the costs of entertainment or recreational activities
  • Grants may not be used solely to cover the cost of meals

Note: Pacira does not prohibit activity organizers from serving meals at educational events; however, Pacira funds cannot be used to provide meals at these events.

Reconciliation/grant close out

Upon grant close out, recipients are required to provide a detailed activity and budgetary reconciliation form within 60 days of the activity end date demonstrating that funds were used solely for the educational activity. Receipts and invoices tying directly to each line item will be requested for grant reconciliation. All documents submitted must be legible and should clearly identify the payer, payee, and payment description.

At grant reconciliation, recipients will be asked to return any unused funds (unused funds < $100 need not be returned) and a written explanation will be required if the actual attendance is less than 80% of the target attendance.

Note: Pacira reserves the right to request return of funds if the actual activity deviates substantially from that described in the original grant application.


Pacira requires grant recipient(s) to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, industry standards, and Pacira policies. Applicants whose proposal has been approved will be sent an agreement, which will set forth the obligations associated with the approved grant. Applicants will have four weeks from the date the agreement is sent/emailed/uploaded to review, sign and return the agreement. If the agreement is not returned within four weeks, the contingent approval may be withdrawn.

Each request is evaluated on its merits and available funding. We propose to fund as many qualifying educational activities as possible. However, as the need for support continues to grow, we are not able to fund every request.

Educational Grant FAQs

What are the grant recipient's responsibilities?

  • Meet applicable deadlines as outlined in the executed agreement
  • Submit a detailed activity and budgetary reconciliation as outlined in the executed contract
  • Communicate to the Pacira Grant Committee (PGRC) key activity milestones, where applicable,(failure to communicate or adhere to milestones may result in revocation of support)
  • Return unused funds (Note: unused funds< $100 need not be returned given the administrative burden for the grant recipients and the company)

What areas is Pacira interested in?

  • Regional anesthesia
  • Educating health care providers on opioid minimization strategies
  • Increasing patient awareness of non-opioid options for postsurgical pain management

On what basis does the Pacira Grant Review Committee make its decision?

  • Addresses an unmet educational need
  • Align with Pacira’s areas of interest and educational strategy
  • Alignment with Pacira’s therapeutic areas of focus and mission
  • Compliance with company policy and legal and regulatory requirements
  • Scientific merit of the educational activity

How often does the Pacira Grant Review Committee meet?

The grant committee attempts to meet monthly.

How can I contact the Pacira Grant Review Committee?

Are there any types of grants Pacira will not fund?

  • Construction funds to build new facilities
  • Educational activities that are designed to generate business for Pacira
  • Grant to past recipients who have failed to submit reconciliations for previously supported educational activities
  • Grant requestor/recipient who is an individual
  • Grant requests for items that are promotional in nature (eg, advertising, exhibits)
  • Hiring of staff that are not dedicated to the proposed educational activity
  • Political organizations
  • Previous grant recipients who have failed to adhere to industry guidance and regulations (eg, ACCME, ACPE, ANCC, FDA, OIG, PhRMA)
  • Purchases of capital equipment unrelated to the educational activity or that would generate revenue
  • Support for ongoing programs that are part of an organization's routine operations

Who can apply for a Pacira educational grant?

Any qualified organization wishing to host an educational program

Am I required to apply online?

Yes, you must make your request for support through the Pacira grant portal located here.

How long does the submission process take?

Every submission is unique but in general, from submitting your grant request to signing the contract may take up to 60 days.

What should be included in the grant budget?

The budget should include all activity-related expenses. Costs should been itemized and in accordance with fair market value.

What type of information is needed at grant reconciliation/close out?

  • Proof that funds were used as intended
  • Legible receipts/invoices showing payer, payee, and payment description
  • Percent of the target audience that participated

I was told that my grant proposal would be approved by the grant committee, but I received a denial letter. How did that happen?

Grants can only be approved by the PGRC. Accordingly, no individual Pacira employee can approve a grant request. As a requestor, you should not accept any verbal or written promises from any Pacira employee as they are not authorized to make such promises. You will receive notification through the Pacira grant portal on the status of your request.

My grant proposal was approved, now what?

Upon approval, Pacira requires an executed agreement outlining the responsibilities of the parties with respect to the provision of the grant and any related activities. Pacira will review and consider all relevant grant proposals but is not obligated to provide support for any proposals received.